Mayan Temple Mission


Welcome to the Mayan Temple Mission. You and up to five other agents can log in simultaneously to work together to discover the source of the strange signal being transmitted from deep inside an ancient Mayan temple.

Many dangers await! Should you choose to accept this mission, it will require all your wits to solve this mystery. Good luck!

Home Office


  • Location: Your location for each scene will be here.
  • Objective: Your objective for each scene will be here.
  • Task: The information you need to acquire will be here.

Our adventures are designed to be played on desktop and laptop computers. Our adventures will not fit on phones or small tablets.

1280 x 800
Minimum screen resolution.

Most of the information you will need for this adventure is provided within the documents available on each page of the site.

If you do need to use the internet to look up a word, equation, or metric conversion, use a separate browser window so you don't lose your place.

All documents in your dossier can be opened in popup windows. These are all PDF files that you can print if you wish, to reduce screen clutter.

All popup windows and game screens function independently on each browser, so each of you can have different documents open at the same time.

All solutions to puzzles are provided as a password, so when one team member solves the puzzle, share it with the other team members, so you can all advance to the next puzzle together.

If you get stuck, check out the hints. They provide clues to progressively more difficult pieces to each puzzle. The last clue will give you the password you need to advance.

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